Urgent Signs That You Need a New Medical Supplier

Frustrated with your supplier? Not sure what you’re actually ordering and how much you’re paying? There are many medical suppliers out there, but how do you know your medical supplier is right for you?

It’s crucial to know what benefits your supplier should be offering you to help make the process of getting medical supplies as easy and cheap as possible.

In this blog post we’ll go over the warning signs of a bad supplier as well as the qualities to look for in a good supplier. 

1. Not a Medicare approved supplier 

It’s important to make sure that your supplier is properly accredited to ensure that your supplier is licensed and equipped to take care of your needs. Without proper accreditation, your chances of being scammed, overcharged, or running into insurance problems significantly increase.

A good supplier:

  • Is a Medicare approved supplier: has been approved to bill your medical supplies and/or medical equipment to Medicare. If you are unsure, ask to see your supplier’s PTAN number which will ensure they are properly accredited.

  • Has patient and privacy policies: to make sure your rights are ensured and your information remains secure. Your supplier should have their privacy and patient policies available on their website. If they aren’t, ask your supplier and they should be able to provide them to you.

2. Hard to reach

Not being able to reach your supplier is not only frustrating and time consuming, but it can also lead to delays getting your medical supplies. If you’re having trouble contacting your supplier, this could be a sign of improper management and lack of care for its customers.

A good supplier is:

  • Accessible during business hours: if you are contacting your supplier during business hours, they should be readily accessible.
  • Responds to after hours messages: if you are contacting your supplier after hours, they should get back to you within 24 hours of your message.
  • Addresses concerns promptly: your supplier should be able to address your concerns promptly with little to no back and forth.

3. Has a limited selection of products

If your supplier has limited product offerings, you may end up having to use medical products that don’t fully satisfy your needs. Similarly, if your needs change in the future, they may not be able to service you at all and you’ll have to find a new supplier.

A good supplier:

  • Carries a wide selection of products: to fulfill your current needs as well as any that may arise in the future. Whether you’re looking for ostomy care products, diabetic test strips, cleansers, underpads, or any other products, your medical supplier should be able to take care of your needs.

4. Doesn’t offer samples or product recommendations

When you’re first figuring out which products work best for you, it can be difficult to blindly order products without trying them out beforehand. If your supplier doesn’t offer samples, you could waste money on medical supplies that you don’t like or that you can’t use at all.

Additionally, if your supplier doesn’t make product recommendations, you could go through a lot of trial and error that could have been avoided had you been provided access to a care specialist.

A good supplier:

  • Offers samples: allowing you to try out different styles of products to find ones that work best for you. Interested in getting free samples? Fill out this form to get free samples of incontinence products, ostomy supplies, external catheters, or intermittent catheters.
  • Is well informed about products: provides you with educational content to help understand the differences between products and which products work best for different needs.
  • Makes personalized recommendations: offers recommendations based off of your unique needs and prescription.

5. Doesn’t supply you with enough products

Whether you end up using more supplies than you initially allotted for or you have just enough to last before your next delivery, your supplier should ensure that you never run out of supplies.

Regardless of your situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about having enough supplies.

A good supplier:

  • Delivers your supplies on time: communicating when you will receive your order and what it will include.
  • Can adjust your delivery dates: if you end up short on supplies, your supplier should be able to change the order date so you receive more before you run out.
  • Delivers to your door: to further ensure that your supplies arrive on time.

6. Sends you the wrong products

Your supplier shouldn’t be sending you the wrong products or switching out items in your order without your permission. This can be frustrating and cause problems when you don’t receive exactly what you asked for.

A good supplier:

  • Sends exactly what you ordered: consistently sends you an accurate order.
  • Doesn’t switch out items in your order: if there is a problem with your order, your supplier shouldn’t swap out products before talking to you first. 
  • Alerts you in advance: of any potential problems, addressing them before they cause any delays to your order.

7. Adds additional fees

You never want to be paying more than you need to. Your supplier shouldn’t be charging additional fees on top of what you are already paying for your medical supplies.

If there are additional fees, you should be notified of them in advance.

A good supplier:

  • Offers free shipping: so your items are delivered free of charge.
  • Provides free services: such as product recommendations and communicating with your doctor and insurance.
  • Has a free return policy: if you aren’t satisfied with your order, your supplier should give you the option to return the supplies free of charge.

8. Sends you surprise bills

There is nothing worse than receiving a bill that is way more than you were expecting. If your supplier isn’t letting you know in advance how much you can expect to pay, you may find yourself receiving surprise bills without having the chance to adjust your order beforehand.

A good supplier:

  • Communicates in advance: letting you know which medical supplies are covered and at what amount, before you are billed.

9. Doesn’t manage your paperwork

There are a variety of documents that are needed to make sure your products are properly covered and delivered to you.

If your supplier doesn’t keep track of your paperwork effectively, you could run into problems receiving supplies before you’re able to do anything about it.

A good supplier:

  • Collects all paperwork before you’re billed: to make sure all documentation is in place so you don’t run into insurance or delivery problems.
  • Addresses documentation problems: before it causes order delays. Informs you of expiring paperwork: making sure your paperwork is always sufficient and up to date.

10. Doesn’t work with your doctor

Having to constantly relay information between your doctor and supplier can be time consuming and cause unnecessary confusion. On top of that, it can cause delays in your order when the right documentation isn’t being collected on time.

A good supplier:

  • Gets documentation on your behalf: so that your medical supplies can be covered by your insurance.
  • Reviews documentation: to make sure information is complete and accurate.

11. Doesn’t work with your insurance

Insurance can be complicated and it is often hard to know which medical supplies are covered and what steps you need to take to ensure proper coverage.

When you have to try and figure out the insurance process on your own, it can be difficult to know whether or not you are maximizing your insurance benefits.

A good supplier:

  • Works with your insurance: to help you understand the insurance process and tell you what medical supplies are covered by your insurance. Give us a call at 415-475-8444 and we can help you figure out what supplies you can get covered.
  • Bills on your behalf: to make sure you are maximizing your insurance benefits.

Making the switch to Better Health

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Better Health benefits:

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