Remembering to test your blood sugar multiple times a day can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the world of diabetes management. But knowing your blood sugar levels is key to your health.

So, how can you incorporate blood sugar testing into your day-to-day life without going crazy? Check out our tips below!

1. Set Reminders

You can (and should!) schedule your blood sugar testing into your day just as you would an appointment or meeting. Many of our meters, like the Advocate Redi-Code+ Talking Glucose Meter Kit, come with the capability to set multiple daily reminders.

If you’re more of a pen and paper person, try jotting down notes to remind yourself to test. Stick post-its on your fridge, by the phone, under your car keys, on kitchen cabinets, or anywhere else you’re most likely to see them. Mark your testing schedule on your calendar or create a simple chart where you can check off testing once you’ve done it.

2. Make Sure You’re Comfortable

At first, blood sugar testing can be scary. The good news is that there are tons of lancing devices, lancets, and meters on the market so you can find the right fit for you! For example, the Genteel Plus Lancing Device and Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets are specifically designed to be delicate on your skin.

No matter what lancing device you’re using, though, you can always adjust the depth settings based on the thickness and sensitivity of your fingers. It may take a few tries to see what feels best, but once you’ve found the notch you prefer, finger-pricking won’t seem so daunting.

3. Keep Track of Your Numbers

Taking note of your blood sugar levels is important so you can track patterns and troubleshoot with your doctor. Plus, tracking them will encourage you to test more!

Try the OneTouch Logbook to take note of your numbers along with the food you’ve eaten (type and quantity), exercise you’ve completed (type and duration), your stress level, or any other factors that may have impacted your blood sugar. Over time, you’ll be able to better detect what’s causing your highs and lows. 

4. Take It on the Go

A change in plans doesn’t mean you have to forget about testing your blood sugar. Meters like the Bayer Contour Next ONE Blood Glucose Meter are compact and come with a carrying case and/or test strips, making them perfect for travel or just throwing in your purse.

We suggest keeping a backup meter on hand if possible so you can use one for trips and one for your home without having to worry about being without at any point. 

5. Don’t Forget Nighttime

Testing your blood sugar before bed, right when you wake up or even during the night is important. The Accu-Chek Guide Blood Glucose Meter features a strip portlight and a backlit display so you can test in the dark, too! Many of our meters have backlit displays as well, and we’ve even added icons next to the ones we think are best for those with reduced vision.

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