Ostomy: Ostomy Classes

Catch up on our popular weekly Ostomy webinar series through this series of videos! Get advice from our team of expert Ostomy coaches and hear from others just like you.

Ostomy Class: Ostomy and Diet

Having an ostomy will affect your diet and how you should eat to stay healthy. Although your ostomy nurse or doctor can offer you some general tips regarding your diet,...

Ostomy Class: Ostomy Skincare

Skin irritation is a common issue that many ostomates have to deal with at some point. Pouching systems and output both can cause itching and burning of the skin, but...

Ostomy Class: Preventing Ostomy Leaks

Ostomy leaks are a common problem — the good news is that they’re relatively easy to prevent and treat if they do occur. Leaks are caused when the baseplate of...

Ostomy Class: Ostomy and Exercise

There’s no reason for you stop exercising just because you have an ostomy. Often, having ostomy surgery can offer you a second chance at life and that means that taking...

Ostomy Class: What to Expect After Surgery

Ostomy surgery is a common and safe procedure. Nevertheless, there will naturally be a healing and adjustment period immediately following your surgery. Something to remember is that your abdomen and...

Ostomy Class: Choosing Ostomy Products

There’s a wide variety of ostomy products out there — so how do you choose the best ostomy pouch and other ostomy products for you? Let our Ostomy Education Lead...

Ostomy Class: Ostomy and Hernias

An ostomy hernia, also known as a parastomal hernia, is caused when an extra loop of bowel squeezes through between the stoma and abdominal wall and causes a bulge. Ostomy...

Ostomy Class: Ostomy and Intimacy

Many ostomates we speak to have the same concern: “can I have sex with an ostomy?” they ask. Here’s the good news — you can absolutely have sex and be...

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