Urology: Living with a catheter

Can you still exercise with a catheter? How can you prevent leaks or smells? Learn everything you need to know about daily life with a catheter.

Foley Catheter 101

What is a Foley catheter?  Also known as indwelling catheters, Foley catheters are thin, sterile tubes inserted into the bladder to help drain urine. A small balloon at the tip...

What to Know About Removing A Catheter

What To Expect After Removing Catheter A device commonly used to empty a patient’s bladder before or after surgery, a urinary catheter can remain in a person’s body for any...

Catheter Pain: Do Catheters Hurt

What are urinary catheters? Regarding the question of catheter pain, the answer varies because it’s a different experience for everyone. For some, inserting a catheter might be painful or uncomfortable,...

Can You Reuse a Urinary Catheter?

There are many different catheters in the medical world. Urinary catheters are thin, flexible tubes that drain urine from the bladder via the urethra or a surgically made hole on...

The Basics: Closed System Catheters

It can be difficult to adjust to life with a urinary catheter, especially when you’ve never had to use one before. Fortunately, many intermittent catheter systems offer convenience and comfort....

Adjusting to Life with a Catheter

As it can bring changes to your daily routine, using a urinary catheter might be a challenge, but being prepared can help you become comfortable as soon as possible. In...

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