Ostomy: Ostomy Basics

Not sure where to start learning about ostomies? You’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through the basics.

A Guide to Urostomy Bags – 2022

A one-piece closed urostomy bag or pouch is a prosthetic medical device that collects urine outside the abdomen. You may use this after you have undergone bladder surgery. Before you...

What Is A Colostomy Bag?

A colostomy bag is a type of pouching system for people who have undergone colostomy surgery. They need this pouch because they have had a colostomy due to: An injury ...

How to Empty Your Ostomy Pouch

Emptying an ostomy bag is a skill you need to learn after operations like colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies. After all, you (or the ostomy patient) will be using the pouch...

What Is An Ileostomy?

An ileostomy is a surgically created opening on the abdomen that allows stool to pass out of the body and into a specialized pouch. This stoma type gets its name...

What Is A Urostomy?

A urostomy is a procedure that reroutes the urine from the bladder to a surgically created opening on the surface of the abdomen called a stoma. As a result, urine...

Ostomy Glossary part 1: Ostomy Product Terms

Accessory When speaking about ostomy products, accessory usually refers to extra/optional products that are used to amplify an ostomates quality of life. Some examples are support wraps, cloth/decorative pouch covers,...

What is an Ostomy?

You might have recently heard from your doctor that you need an ostomy. If you have, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. Namely, what is an ostomy...

9 Tips for Older Ostomates

As we grow older, changes to our bodies can affect how well – or not-so-well – our relationship with our ostomy products can change. Physical changes, like arthritis and reduced...

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