Ostomy: Living with an Ostomy

How does your ostomy affect your diet? Can you still exercise with an ostomy? How can you prevent ostomy leaks? Learn everything you need to know about daily life with an ostomy.

Working with an Ostomy

The reality after an ostomy An ostomy (colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy) is an operation where surgeons reroute your digestive or urinary tract through an opening in your abdomen. People with...

Why You Should Be Wearing An Ostomy Belt

Every ostomate needs a functional ostomy appliance. But at times, they can experience problems such as discomfort and leakage. An ostomy belt can resolve this problem. It functions similarly to...

5 Reasons to Join An Ostomy Support Group

Re-adjusting to life following ostomy surgery can take time and some effort on your part. The changes can be challenging and overwhelming, from learning the right ostomy products to getting...

National Ostomy Awareness Day Is October 3, 2021

Every three years ostomates worldwide, and their family and friends, come together to celebrate the resilience of the ostomy community. They help spread awareness on World Ostomy Day. This celebration...

What is Colostomy Irrigation?

Learning about irrigation played a big part in my decision to opt for a permanent ostomy instead of an attempt at reversal. I knew that irrigation would offer me the...

Ostomies and Mental Health

“I awakened from surgery with a bag on my abdomen, and can’t stop crying!” This is a common situation after stoma surgery and one that requires the right response. Acknowledging...

Exercising with An Ostomy

Let’s talk about ostomies and exercise. Can you exercise with an ostomy? Absolutely. While I need to take some precautions with my ostomy and stay mindful of my abdomen, it...

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