Cure Female Intermittent Urinary Catheter

Price: $1.96
With insurance: $0 - $0.39*
  • A sterile, single-use catheter with fire-polished eyelets
  • 100% DEHP and Latex-free
Quantity (Max covered by insurance: 200)

* Your actual cost depends on your insurance coverage.


Sterile, Single-use, DEHP-free, Latex-free, Funnel End

Cure 6" Female Catheter is a DEHP and Latex-free catheter. This sterile, single-use catheter features polished eyelets, straight tip option and funnel ends for females.


  • Sterile, single use catheters feature polished eyelets
  • 100% fire polished eyelets.
  • 100% DEHP and Latex-free.

This product is FDA Cleared

Good for:
Active wear

What our experts say

This true female length catheter features smooth fire polished eyelets for easier insertion. Notice this catheter isn't lubricated so you need to add your own lubrication or use it as is.

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