Cure Closed System Kit Coudé Tip Intermittent Urinary Catheter 1500 mL


Cure Closed System Kit Coudé Tip Intermittent Urinary Catheter 1500 mL

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  • Coudé tip catheter and bag set with gloves, underpad, BZK wipe, povidone-iodine  
  • Protective cap and covering bag for max hygiene non-touch insertion
  • A male length catheter with fire-polished eyelets and straight tip
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    Cure Medical Male Length Catheter is DEHP and latex-free. It's a sterile, single-use catheter with feature polished eyelets for smooth insertion.

    Cure Closed System Coudé Tip Kit contains a pre-lubricated catheter and an integrated 1500 mL collection bag. The catheter is housed in the collection bag which allows a cleaner non-touch insertion.

    Closed system catheters help reduce the risk of UTI infections and can easier to use for individuals in wheelchair or ones with reduced hand dexterity. The packet contains everything you need fo a sterile handling of the catheter: povidone-iodine swabsticks, BZK wipe, sterile wipe, gloves and an under-pad.


    • The set contains:
      • Pre-lubricated catheter and a connected 1,500ml collection bag
      • povidone-iodine swabsticks
      • BZK wipe
      • sterile wipe
      • gloves
      • under-pad
    • Fire-polished eyelets
    • DEHP and latex-free
    • Does not kink on bending
    • Full length 16"

    This product is FDA Cleared

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    What our experts say

    A good closed system pre-lubricated catheters. If you're in a wheelchair, have limited hand-dexterity or just suffer from recurring UTIs and need a more sterile option, try this one.

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