Brava Protective Seal

Price: $5.94
With insurance: $0 - $1.19*
  • Made of a flexible polymer material that holds its shape once it is applied
  • Absorbs moisture from the skin
  • Designed to leave minimal residue on the skin after removal
  • Available in 2 thicknesses

* Your actual cost depends on your insurance coverage.


Coloplast Brava protective seals help to seal the gaps that occur between the ostomy barrier and your stoma.

The skin surrounding your stoma can come into contact with output and that causes skin irritation and damage. The stomal skin needs to be protected from output and irritation from adhesive. 

Coloplast Ostomy has created a material, a whole new formula of polymer, to make their Brava protective barrier seals work even if you have aggressive output. The protective seals will not fall apart or break down when it comes into contact with output. They are specifically designed for ileostomy, however, they can also be used if you have a colostomy or urostomy.

This product is FDA Cleared

Good for:
Uneven Peristomal Skin
Leakage Control
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