CompactCath Classic Coudé Tip Intermittent Urinary Catheter

CompactCath, Inc.

CompactCath Classic Coudé Tip Intermittent Urinary Catheter

Price: $7.04
With insurance: $0 - $1.41*
  • Curved coudé tip
  • The most compact unisex catheter, ideal for travel and everyday use
  • Pre-lubricated and ready to use right out of the packet
  • Includes hygiene sheath for non-touch insertion

      * Your actual cost depends on your insurance coverage.


      CompactCath is a pre-lubricated, non-touch intermittent urinary catheter. Best of all, it's the only 16" catheter that fits in the palm of your hand — literally.


      CompactCath Coudé features the world’s first Case Up, Tip-Up design. As long as the catheter case is held in the vertical, upright position, the tip will always be pointing in the right direction.


      CompactCath's IC is also the only intermittent catheter with a drainage control mechanism, allowing you to control the drainage timing and flow. If you're looking for a compact, discreet, and easy to use solution that fits seamlessly into life, CompactCath might be the best catheter for you. 



      • 100% DEHP, BPA, and Latex Free
      • True pocket-size
      • Fire-polished eyelets
      • Drainage control
      • Unisex
      • External Diameter: 0.16" Length: 16.0” 


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      This product is FDA Cleared

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      What our experts say

      This is the smallest catheter in the market in its packaging so if you care about discreetness and looking for a travel catheter, this can be great for you. It's the only Coudé catheter with the case-up tip-up packaging that ensures the Coudé tip point in the right direction during insertion. It's also ready to use, covered in silicon lubrication that makes insertion easier and is much less messy and sticky than other alternatives.

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