How We Work Together

At Better Health, we help our customers find the best medical supplies for their needs. We carry the widest selection of ostomy, urology, wound care, and diabetes products and work directly with clinicians and insurance plans to make sure all essential products are there when needed.

We’re one of Oscar’s preferred providers for Urology and Ostomy products and can serve all of Oscar’s members who need supplies.

Contact Information


Monday to Friday: 8.30am ~ 8.30pm(EST)


How to work with Better Health

Our team can enable you to provide the best possible care to your members quickly and easily.
There are a few different scenarios in which you might work with us.

If the member is still in the hospital

  1. 1. In this case, we’ll work directly with you (the case manager) to get the required paperwork in order.
  2. 2. Please give us a call at 415-475-8444
  3. 3. We’ll ask you to provide the following information:
    1. a. The member’s Rx
    2. b. The member’s contact information, including phone and shipping address
    3. c. The name and contact information for the doctor in charge
    4. d. The member’s preferred brands or products (if any)

If the member is at home

  1. 1. If the member isn’t at the hospital, we can work directly with them.
  2. 2. Please ask them to give us a call at 415-475-8444. Alternatively, if they’d prefer, you can give us their contact information and we’ll give them a call.
  3. 3. Please also provide us with the following information about the member:
    1. a. The member’s full name, phone number, shipping address, and Oscar member ID
    2. b. If the member already has an Rx, please fax it to us at 415-375-8212
    3. c. If the member does not have an Rx, please provide us with the doctor’s contact information. We’ll work directly with the doctor to get the required prescription.

Policies and important forms

You can find all our forms and policies here:

The Better Health mission

More than 60 million Americans are using medical equipment and supplies in their homes on a regular basis. From diabetes supplies to catheters, ostomy, and incontinence products — you may know someone who uses these products or might even use them yourself.

Unfortunately, getting access to these products can be incredibly challenging and costly. We believe that you deserve Better. Our goal is to make your life easier and help you take care of yourself at home, outside the hospital. That’s why we created Better Health.

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